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Fall CSA Week 1: Falling Leaves

Hello All, Welcome to the first week of Fall CSA! As a reminder, we have now switched to fall shares, summer season has ended so pickup tomorrow is only if you have signed up for Fall CSA. So far October has graced us with warm sunny days with plenty of time to continue cleaning up the farm and enjoy the sunshine. We spent the day cleaning up the winter squash plant debris, folding the tarps and harvesting the very last of the full size tomatoes. I think I say this every week, but I will say it again; the fall is a satisfying time on the farm where areas begin to look neater as we tidy up from a busy season and put everything to rest. Our chickens continue to lay around 160 eggs every day and happily roam the fields around our house. If you haven't tried our eggs yet, please do! Meanwhile we will be enjoying the fall sun and the last of the season's tomato sandwiches. Isn't the fleeting nature of summer what makes it so sweet though? Happy Fall. One note, we may mow the flowers soon so please enjoy the last of the pick your own while they are still available. Also cilantro is ready this week for pick your own. Please remember to bring back egg cartons, granola jars, pint and quart containers, rubber bands and black plant sale pots. We will reuse them!

CSA Pickup Important Reminders Pickup is from 3pm-5:30pm at Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm, Peterborough, NH, 03458. If you are unable to make it to CSA pickup, please let me know! We have options such as picking up double, donating to the food pantry or having your share packed. Please bring a reusable bag to pack your share into. We wash most of our produce before distribution but its always a good idea to give everything a rinse before you eat it. Our veggies can last weeks if stored properly! Click the document below for tips on storing your produce. Vegetable_Storage_Tips.pdf

Keep scrolling for recipes ideas...

What's in my share this week?

This week may include: **As always we sometimes don't know until harvest day what will be ready and of good quality, but we do our best to give you a rough idea ** Kale - green curly, red curly and lacinato. Chop leaves and stems and sauté with oil, salt and pepper. Swiss Chard - beautifully rainbow chard, with us all season! Saute with oil and add soy sauce and sesame seeds to eat. Head Lettuce - red and green heads, on the smaller side, great for salad. Arugula - beautiful baby leaf. Spicy and tender. Green Peppers - the peppers are winding down but we are still harvesting some colored and green peppers. Potatoes - purple skinned, yellow flesh, this variety is called Purple Sun. Beets - mostly red storage beets. We will have fresh beet bunches with greens pretty soon! Carrots - orange, purple and yellow. Funky sizes and shapes from a hard rainy season. The purple and yellow are best in soups while the orange are sweeter for fresh eating. Butternut Squash - beautiful butternuts, perfect for roasting and soups. We love this variety because the seed pocket is very small. Celeriac - also known as celery root. Strong flavor, great in soups as a substitute for celery or roasted. Garlic - beautiful bulbs, so versatile in cooking. I love roasting whole cloves with veggies and smooshing once they are cooked through. Onions/Shallots - as many of you know we didn't have a great onion year. We have some red onions and a few shallots that are in shares this week. Available for Pick Your Own -

  • Hot Peppers - poblano, shishito, jalapeno, mad hatter, hot paper lantern

  • Basil

  • Parsley (curly)

  • Mint

  • Lemon Balm

  • Oregano

  • Sage

  • Tulsi

  • Chives

  • Lavender

  • All flowers

Recipes Ideas: Celeriac is the new vegetable this week and it is great in soups. Try this celeriac soup to enjoy the flavor. You can also eat it sliced raw to get a feel for it. Sorry that is all I have this week, I am sleepy!

I highly recommend Dishing Up The Dirt website for recipe inspiration. She is a farmer and separates recipes by vegetable and season. Send us your recipes if you tried something and loved it! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! We are excited to be growing for you.

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