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CSA Week 3: Happy Summer Solstice!

Hello Members,

While I have your attention. PLEASE remember to bring granola jars back on Tuesday! I reuse them and I am running quite low. Thank you! Now for the fun stuff.

June is in full swing and with it cosmos that turn their bright purple heads to the sun, the first cucumbers hanging plump on the vine and tomatoes so tall we reach at eye level to trellis them. The summer solstice brings with it the longest day of the year, and while we soak in many hours of daylight our thoughts also turn to fall seeding. Everything we are harvesting now was started in the dark days of February and March and April, so just like that we must start planning for fall harvests of broccoli and greens. Farming is the perfect union of complete in the moment-ness and planning for future harvests.

There is so much abundance to harvest in the fields, and remember that CSA members can do this too! We have pick your own peas, herbs and flowers. The cosmos are especially beautiful this week. As for herbs we have parsley, chives, chamomile, thyme, lemon balm, and sage. Just ask and we will show you.

Make sure to read our whole newsletter for updates recipe ideas and important information.

CSA Pickup Important Reminders Pickup is from 3pm-5:30pm at Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm. Please bring used granola jars back! As well as rubber bands, pint and quart containers. Once you arrive follow the driveway all the way down past the garages until you see a barn and a silver truck. To your right you will see a grass path and another barn with an open sign on it. Follow the path and you will see our Farm Store and CSA pickup. Bring a reusable bag to pack your share into. We also encourage you to bring your own food storage bags for produce. Pick your own available this week! We have chives, parsley, sage, lemonbalm, thyme, peas and some flowers (first come first serve) ready for pick your own. Please ask and we will show you where everything is located. Enjoy! Pick your own areas are open at all times throughout the week to CSA members, so come whenever. Our veggies can last weeks if stored properly! Click the document below for tips on storing your produce. Vegetable_Storage_Tips.pdf

Keep scrolling for recipes ideas...

What's in my share this week?

This week may include:

Kale - chop leaves sauté with oil, salt and pepper. Swiss Chard - chop leaves and stems and sautéed with oil, salt and pepper. Pro Tip: sauté the stems a few minutes before the leaves so they have time to soften. Baby Kale - bite size bagged kale, more tender than full size kale and easy to sauté, no need to remove stems. Head Lettuce - green and red. Leaf Lettuce - a mix of 3 leaf lettuces, red and green. Garlic Scapes - Use the whole scape as you would garlic or green onions, makes amazing pesto. Spinach - Last of the spinach until the fall! Basil, Parsley and Dill Bok Choy - great chopped and sautéed with butter and salt or roasted. Beets and Beet Greens - Red and gold. Remember you can eat the greens too, just sauté as you would chard or kale. As for the beets we recommend roasting them with oil, salt and pepper. Remember to separate the greens from the roots RIGHT AWAY, for longer storage life. Pea Shoots - a delicious sprout to top anything with or eat straight from the bag. Zucchini - chop and saute briefly with oil and salt. Peas - Grab a pint container and head to the fields.

How our CSA works: When you arrive at pickup you will see tables with bins of veggies. Please read the whiteboard before you start so you are familiar with the process. There will be around 12 items to choose from, you may choose 8 of these items. For example one item will be 1 bunch of swiss chard, 4 beets, or 1 bag of spinach. If you want more of something you may take 2 of that item but that counts for 2 of your 8 items. If you have questions about this please ask! Remember to only take what you enjoy and if you don't want 8 items, take less! You will get your value especially if you are really happy with what you are taking home.

Recipes Ideas:

Beets are here and they bring a welcome color to our mostly leafy green palette of the early summer CSA. The easiest way to prepare beets is to chop into cubes and roast with olive oil, salt and pepper. I like to toss roasted beets on rice bowls with a tahini dressing. If you are up for something more, this Cabbage, Carrot and Beet Salad is a delicious more involved dish. See picture below for full recipe. For the CSA toddlers (and adults!) these carrot and beet breakfast muffins are a fun way to get your veggies at breakfast and enjoy the beauty of beets in muffin form! YUM.

Send us your recipes if you tried something and love it!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! We are excited to be growing for you.

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