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CSA Week 2: Let There Be Greens!

Hello All, We are still smiling from the first CSA pickup. It brings so much joy to share our vegetables with everyone each week. We have been taking advantage of the cooler days to transplant winter squash, pumpkins, melons, leaf lettuce, sweet potatoes and more. The gray days with sprinkles of rain give the new transplants a chance to settle into the soil before the blazing hot sunny days arrive. This morning my Mom and I seeded the fall broccoli and fennel. Part of a farmer's job description is the balance of tending to the tasks at hand while simultaneously planning for future harvests. While the spring greens are abundant and the tomatoes are forming their first fruit, we also seed for future harvests and meals. In shares this week you will find many similar items with the addition of rainbow chard and pick your own cilantro. Cilantro can be found in the hoop house, we will show you where to pick. Please remember to bring back pots and trays if you bought plant starts this year as well as glass granola jars, we will reuse everything. Seedling Sale! We have an excess of creeping thyme and sage seedlings available for purchase. Creeping thyme is a wonderful ground cover. Let us know if you would like some, $3/pot. Pickup at CSA or any day during the week. Not a CSA member? Our Farm Store is open every day dawn to dusk and is self serve. We stock the store on Wednesdays so that is a great time to come shop. You can also find our produce at Nature's Green Grocer, The Root and Rosaly's Garden. Feel free to come by the farm anytime to walk around and say hello.

CSA Pickup Important Reminders Pickup is from 3pm-5:30pm at Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm, Peterborough, NH, 03458. Once you arrive, follow the driveway past all of the garages until you see a barn and a silver truck (follow the green arrows!) Please park along the guardrail and walk up the hill to your right towards the open flag on the barn. Follow the path and you will see our Farm Store and CSA pickup. If you are unable to make it to CSA pickup, please let me know! We have options. Please bring a reusable bag to pack your share into. Pro Tip for new 8 week members: if you are looking for more variety in your share, save your 8 weeks until later in the season as the spring is heavy on greens. We wash most of our produce before distribution but its always a good idea to give everything a rinse before you eat it. Our veggies can last weeks if stored properly! Click the document below for tips on storing your produce. Vegetable_Storage_Tips.pdf

Keep scrolling for recipes ideas...

How our CSA works:

When you arrive at pickup you will see tables with bins of veggies. Please read the whiteboard before you start so you are familiar with the process. There will be around 10 items to choose from, you may choose 8 of these items. For example one item may be 1 bunch of kale, 1 head of lettuce, or 1 bag of spinach. If you want more of something you may take 2 of that item but that counts for 2 of your 8 items. If you have questions about this please ask!

In addition CSA members may pick their own flowers and herbs throughout the season as well as peas when available. These areas are still growing and peas will be ready in about one week, yay!

What's in my share this week?

This week may include:

Kale - chop leaves and stems and sauté with oil, salt and pepper. Collard Greens - our first year growing collards and they are beautiful! Best sautéed heavily with lots of butter, salt and pepper. Head Lettuce - green romaine. Great for salads or lettuce wraps. Leaf Lettuce - a mix of red and green flat and curly. Washed, bagged and ready to salad! Spinach - big, dark green leaves. Best sautéed, as a salad or in eggs with cheese in the morning (a farmer favorite). Swiss Chard - beautifully rainbow and so tender. The first chard of the season is always the best. Bok Choy - great chopped and sautéed with butter, salt or roasted (see recipe of the week for a delicious bok choy noodle bowl). Carrots - sweet and crunchy carrots, seeded in our hoop house in March. Great for snacking, salads or soups. Pea Shoots - a favorite microgreen. These sweet pea tendrils are best eaten plain or atop salads and soups. Mild or Spicy Microgreen Mixes - choice of spicy or mild brassica microgreen mixes. Best on salads, sandwiches or on top of a stir fry. Plant Seedling - we have leftover seedlings from our Plant Sales this year. If you are still planting your garden, grab a seedling or two! We have tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and some herbs and flowers. Available for Pick Your Own Cilantro - we will show you where it can be picked! Next Week: Peas!

Recipes Ideas:

At the end of a gray June transplanting day I always crave something warm. This Kale and White Bean Soup was a hit for the farmers. The parmesan rind is what really brings it to another level and of course the fresh Nubi kale. I used red curly but any would work here. Swiss chard is the star of the show this week in shares and in my opinion simple is best. Lightly saute with any oil, salt and pepper and enjoy! Send us your recipes if you tried something and loved it! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! We are excited to be growing for you.

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