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CSA Week 12: Big Harvests

Hello All, First! It is a brand new week and the perfect time to get your granola jars, pint and quart containers and egg cartons ready to go for returning TOMORROW. Thank you! This morning when woke up, our little hilltop was cloaked in mist. We tromped out to move the chickens to fresh grass, and just as we finished, the first rays of sun were glinting off the treetops, the chickens happily pecking at bugs behind us. This week on the farm we are focused on BIG HARVESTS. Today we brought in our spaghetti squash and pie pumpkins and later this week we will get potatoes and melons. We weigh everything that comes in from the field for our organic certification and this time of year the numbers are big and our arms are strong. We are very grateful to our work shares and volunteers who have helped us carry these heavy loads! Due to the wet season we are seeing lower harvest numbers this year, but we are grateful for what we have. In other field news, the mornings are chilly. We continue to transplant the last of our fall spinach, scallions and lettuce and flip beds to cover crop. And the sunflower heads droop heavy on their tall stalks. We are looking forward to our Second Annual Farm Party on Saturday September 16th. All are invited. More information below, so please read on. We have some new items in the Farm Store. Check out Woods and Weiland mushrooms. Grown here in Peterborough by CSA members. We also have a new flavor of Echo Farm pudding (pumpkin) and are continuing to stock sweet corn and blueberries while the season is high. Plus, Orchard Hill bread and cookies delivered fresh every Tuesday of course and so much more. Please remember to bring back egg cartons, granola jars, pint and quart containers, rubber bands and black plant sale pots. We will reuse them!

CSA Pickup Important Reminders Pickup is from 3pm-5:30pm at Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm, Peterborough, NH, 03458. If you are unable to make it to CSA pickup, please let me know! We have options such as picking up double, donating to the food pantry or having your share packed. Please bring a reusable bag to pack your share into. We wash most of our produce before distribution but its always a good idea to give everything a rinse before you eat it. Our veggies can last weeks if stored properly! Click the document below for tips on storing your produce. Vegetable_Storage_Tips.pdf

Keep scrolling for recipes ideas...

What's in my share this week?

This week may include: **As always we sometimes don't know until harvest day what will be ready and of good quality, but we do our best to give you a rough idea **

Green and Red Sweet Peppers - combination of colorful long frying peppers and red and green bells. Great for sautes or eaten raw. The long frying peppers may seem strange but they are sweet and oh so delicious. Specialty Peppers - shishito (not spicy, great for grilling or eating fresh), poblano (spicy), jalapeno (spicy), mad hatter (not spicy, fun hat shape), hot paper lantern (VERY spicy habanero). Lunchbox peppers- these small peppers are SO SWEET and super fun to grow. One of Jasen's favorite things to grow and eat. Kale - chop leaves and stems and sauté with oil, salt and pepper. Swiss Chard - we took a break from chard but it is back and as delicious as ever. My favorite way to cook it is sautéed with oil until tender (pro tip, stems first so they have time to tenderize). Add a dash of soy sauce and sesame seeds at the end and enjoy! Celery - very flavorful. Eat raw or chop for soups and sautes. Summer Lettuce Blend - a mix of green and red leaf lettuce, triple washed and ready to salad. Green Beans - long, sweet green beans, great eaten fresh or steamed. We are growing one variety this year that is known for growing up to 12" long, don't be fooled these huge beans are still delicious! Cherry Tomatoes - mixed pints of colorful cherries. Eat straight from the pint or mix into salad, pasta dishes and stir fries. Full Size Tomatoes - we have red, yellow, purple and yellow striped. Eggplant - purple and white and purple striped. We are having a fantastic eggplant year. Purple Potatoes - purple on the outside and inside! Delicious roasted with oil, salt, pepper and herbs. Red Long of Tropea Onions - specialty long red onion. Use like you would any onion. Available for Pick Your Own -

  • Basil

  • Parsley (curly)

  • Mint

  • Lemon Balm

  • Oregano

  • Sage

  • Tulsi

  • Chives

  • Lavender

  • All flowers

Farm Party Saturday September 16th 3pm - Join Us!

We are excited for our 2nd annual farm party to celebrate the season, our community and good food. Please join us on Saturday September 16th on the common at Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm for a farm tour, live music, games, a potluck dinner and more. Please bring a dish to share and RSVP on this google sheet. We welcome everyone to join us, as you are what makes our farm successful. I will also have a signup sheet at CSA pickup the next few weeks if you would like to RSVP in person. Below is the schedule of events.

3pm - Farm Tour 4:30pm - Live music with Casey and Molly. Cocktails and mocktails will be served 5:30pm - Farm inspired potluck dinner 6:30pm - Dancing with more live music 7:15pm - Toasts of gratitude and appreciation for our farm and land with champagne and non-alcoholic sparkling cider

Please reach out with any questions, and we hope to see you there.

Recipes Ideas:

Eggplant is still on our mind with many pounds coming in each week. Try this eggplant dipfor dipping bread, carrots or even lunchbox peppers into.

While my sister was visiting last week she made some delicious blistered shishito peppers. I had her text me the recipe. I ate almost the whole bowl, yum. Grab some shishitos at CSA tomorrow and try them yourself. Super easy to whip up.

-Toss peppers in a small amount of avocado or olive oil

-Add them to an almost smoking cast iron pan and cook until sides are blistering and peppers have wilted slightly

-Take out of pan and top with lemon zest and salt and enjoy dipped in a garlic aioli

-Another option is to toss the peppers in soy sauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds once out of pan

Garlic Aioli

-Mix crushed and minced garlic, mayo and lemon juice together. Enjoy!

I highly recommendDishing Up The Dirt website for recipe inspiration. She is a farmer and separates recipes by vegetable and season.

Send us your recipes if you tried something and loved it!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! We are excited to be growing for you.

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