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CSA Week 11: Pepper Palooza

Hello All, First! Please bring back used egg cartons, granola jars and pint and quart containers. Go collect them now and put them by the door for tomorrow. I'll wait. Now that that is sorted, on to the farm happenings. This afternoon as we were cleaning up from a sweaty day of work, the rain began to fall. Gently at first, and by the time we were headed to the truck it was coming down fast. We hopped in the truck and listened to the steady patter on the roof. It may be the summer of rain, but today we were grateful. Jasen had just spread a buckwheat and clover cover crop and now the tiny seeds were getting their first drink of water and a chance to germinate. The farm is as busy as ever these days and we are simply swimming in all sorts of peppers. Sweet colored peppers, spicy peppers, lunchbox peppers and they are so beautiful. You can find them at CSA this week, try them all! We are working on harvesting large quantities of crops such as potatoes, some onions, spaghetti squash, carrots and beets. After these are harvested we replant the beds to fall greens or spread a cover crop and put the area to rest for the season. There is something satisfying about cover cropping a section; we thank the plot for the growing season and rake the seeds in to grow and replenish the soil. We have a few special things happening at CSA pickup this week. We will have handmade crafts by two local makers; a young entrepreneur selling potholders (Noah's Tinkers and Trinkets) and Gote creations selling colorful earrings, magnets and owl pillows. Check them out. We also will have tons of our own eggs and all the usual farm store offerings including sweet corn and Orchard Hill bread and cookies. Thats all for now, off to rest and make the harvest list for tomorrow. Please remember to bring back egg cartons, granola jars, pint and quart containers, rubber bands and black plant sale pots. We will reuse them!

CSA Pickup Important Reminders Pickup is from 3pm-5:30pm at Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm, Peterborough, NH, 03458. If you are unable to make it to CSA pickup, please let me know! We have options. Please bring a reusable bag to pack your share into. We wash most of our produce before distribution but its always a good idea to give everything a rinse before you eat it. Our veggies can last weeks if stored properly! Click the document below for tips on storing your produce. Vegetable_Storage_Tips.pdf

Keep scrolling for recipes ideas...

What's in my share this week?

This week may include: **As always we sometimes don't know until harvest day what will be ready and of good quality, but we do our best to give you a rough idea **

Green and Red Sweet Peppers - combination of colorful long frying peppers and red and green bells. Great for sautes or eaten raw. The long frying peppers may seem strange but they are sweet and oh so delicious. Specialty Peppers - shishito (not spicy, great for grilling or eating fresh), poblano (spicy), jalapeno (spicy), mad hatter (not spicy, fun hat shape), hot paper lantern (VERY spicy habanero). Lunchbox peppers- these small peppers are SO SWEET and super fun to grow. One of Jasen's favorite things to grow and eat. Kale - chop leaves and stems and sauté with oil, salt and pepper. Head Lettuce - Red heads mostly Rainbow Carrots - purple, orange and yellow. The purple and yellow carrots aren't as sweet as orange carrots, but fun colors! Cucumbers - best eaten fresh with a sprinkle of salt. Summer Lettuce Blend - we are so glad lettuce mix has joined the party again. Green Beans - long, sweet green beans, great eaten fresh or steamed. We are growing one variety this year that is known for growing up to 12" long, don't be fooled these huge beans are still delicious! Cherry Tomatoes - mixed pints of colorful cherries. Eat straight from the pint or mix into salad, pasta dishes and stir fries. Full Size Tomatoes - we have red, yellow, purple and yellow striped. See recipe below for GH's famous (and seriously delicious) tomato sandwich). Eggplant - purple and white and purple striped. We are having a fantastic eggplant year. See below for a recipe from a CSA member (she's a professional chef btw). New Potatoes - it still might be too early to tell but we are excited about our potatoes this year. So far the yield looks great. New potatoes in shares this week, you can tell they are new as the skin easily peels off with your finger. Red Long of Tropea Onions - specialty long red onion. Use like you would any onion. Basil - we have a nice bed of basil that is ready so we are harvesting some for you to grab. Treat this as a pick your own item, doesn't count as one of your 8 items. Time to make pesto! Available for Pick Your Own -

  • Basil

  • Parsley (curly)

  • Mint

  • Lemon Balm

  • Oregano

  • Sage

  • Tulsi

  • Chives

  • Lavender

  • All flowers

Recipes Ideas:

We are quite proud of our eggplant this year and it is producing prolifically. I like to caramelize it with onions and other veggies and toss on top of pasta. For something a bit more nuanced, try this pasta dish sent by Wendy, a beloved work share CSA member (she is actually a chef in real life!) I think I am going to make it this week too.

This is also the summer of the peppers. Last summer Jasen and I madethese stuffed red peppersfor a family reunion and they were a hit. Can be made with any color bells or the long frying peppers. Omit turkey and add veggies to make vegetarian.

I highly recommendDishing Up The Dirtwebsite for recipe inspiration. She is a farmer and separates recipes by vegetable and season.

Send us your recipes if you tried something and loved it!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! We are excited to be growing for you.

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